MArch Master of Architecture – Rebecca Lovell

The Market Gates shopping centre was opened in 1976 in the town centre of Great Yarmouth. It currently incorporates and outdoor bus station, multi storey car park and 15,000 square metres of retail area. The centre itself however has fallen on hard times in recent years, going into administration once in 2012 and once again in 2014. This project aims to bring back the fishing industry to Great Yarmouth, allowing it once again to become part of the culture of the town. This will be achieved by creating a marine biology research lab for the marine stewardship council that will focus on the study of local fish stocks. This will be complimented by a local-scale fish market to sell to the general public locally caught and grown produce, rejecting the current models brought to Great Yarmouth by supermarkets.


MArch Architecture

Student Name

Rebecca Lovell