At UCLan we have some of the best facilities in the UK for studio tuition, including a purpose-built workshop, printing rooms, CAD labs and 3D printing facilities.

The large and well-equipped studios are a resource available to students at all times and accommodate a variety of different teaching and learning activities during a typical day and academic year. These are flexible multi-purpose spaces in which most design studio tuition and reviews takes place.


This workshop allows students to produce all types of architectural models including concepts, construction details, topographical models and individual building designs. Architectural modelling is vital to aid students with the visualisation of designs and to test the validity of their technical resolution.

It is located adjacent to the architectural studios and well stocked with tools and equipment that are constantly being reviewed and added to. Students also have the option to use the workshops in the School of Art, Design & Performance, which are only a short walk away. These workshop supports a range of 3D process and materials such as metals and plastics. The workshops have large format laser cutters which are used for a range of materials.


This facility is a non-lending resource that is situated within proximity of the architecture design studios in Harris building. The room holds books such as contemporary architectural monographs, design, history and theory, technical environmental and construction books.

As well as a range of leading architectural periodicals including back issues, this further supplemented with a full updated RIBA technical library and NBS specification directories. The room also has number of computers for reference purposes together with a state of the art large format digital scanner. The resource is available to all students enrolled at UCLan during normal term time opening hours.